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Taormina, Sicily a traveler’s must

Taormina, the mesmerizing European tourist destination on the northeast coast of Sicily is a traveler’s must. Strolling Corso Umberto the main (pedestrian) road in a town hanging off a cliff, the sea makes for an awestruck view and life takes on new meaning. In what proved to be the favorite meal in an impeccable trip, Osteria Nero D’Avola so named for the most important indigenous grape to the island, backed murmurings that Sicilian cuisine was the best on the boot. Navigating a short diversion from the welcome commotion, this restaurant was tucked away and guarded by a natural setting. First came locally baked bread and breadsticks with a selection of locally pressed olive oils. One drew a connection to this blog, olives produced by a Dr. Salvatore Foti. The wine list was a selection of the proprietor’s personal favorites. With a platter of meat and cheese that cannot be described with merely words alone, we dined on pasta, a mix tray of grilled meat and spoke about the obvious influence Sicilian cuisine has had on the Italian food found in America. Wish it had some effect on what we find in our local gas stations and other quick stops – the food quality no less than a restaurant!


See My Roman Nose in Jersey City

Boasting typical Roman dishes in the “up and coming” Jersey City Downtown, Roman Nose (fantastic name) is a newcomer to the hip restaurant scene where it will remain. On the menu you’ll find pizza, pasta, soup, salads and a few sides, as well as sandwiches for lunch and frittatas for brunch. The pizza is thin and crispy, available as small personal pies or extra large for a whole group. Recipes are the mother’s in the family that owns it, and the chef fuses simple ingredients so they all stand out. It’s a small bring your own with outdoor seating available but has plans to expand and feature a cocktail menu. Homemade tiramisu held a fantastically light cream, sweet enough to savor. Trattoria style pricing makes it practical for a steady clientele.

Roman Nose – 125 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302‎


Sempre Avanti, Always Moving (Italians) Forward

Through an illustrious association with both Italian and business groups in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, Rosanna Imbriano (Marketing Strategist and owner of R.I. Consulting, LLC) founded and recently launched Sempre Avanti™ or “always moving forward” as a nonprofit 501 (c) 3. The group’s mission of supporting all Italian individuals, businesses, organizations and associations in the US as well as in Italy is facilitated by strategic alliances forged with providers, working to connect them with their desired audience. The nonprofit organization will act as a resource center for Italians and Italian-Americans seeking information, resources, translation help, products and services of all kinds. Having launched with 20 key industry partners and short-term plans of exponential expansion, Sempre Avanti™ will be a bridge to a continuum of connections and efoti espresso culture is excited to be a featured partner and close supporter.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 11.35.00 AM, the elegance of the Italian lifestyle

A taste of the good life, the finer things, all that shines of beauty and elegance found in the privileged Italian lifestyle. Covering everything from products and services to travel destinations, is the premier resource for the best in Italian luxury. Topics range from Fashion featuring Made in Italy ETRUSCA tailored shirts, Travel to the enchanting villages of Cinque Terra, Auto with the new 2014 Maserati Ghibli, Celebrity Spotlights, Food & Wine; all the line items of your bucket list. With an editorial staff of people who are passionate about Italy, this website is good mix of information and entertainment and you’ll find some things you didn’t know exist. A great site to follow that’s also active through social media.